Silent Scars v 1.1 Complete!


Silent Scars is an interesting short story. It started as flashback scenes I was going to weave in to Lightning Born. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to work, but I still wanted to do something with these scenes beyond keeping them for bonus material. Silent Scars is my attempt at fashioning them into a short story. I had to cut a lot of extraneous details from the world and situation out for it to make sense. Now it’s off to the writing group to see what they think.

Some stats:

  • Started Dec 13, 2013
  • Finished Jan 23, 2014
  • 5,200 words long
  • 5 sections
  • 3 different POV characters

About Annaliese

Author of the fantasy short stories "Infant Insomnia" and "Curelom Riders." Also a mother of three, one of which has outgrown allergies to gluten, and dairy, though he still reacts to nuts.
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