“Sarimanok Feather” v 3 is Complete!

Sarimanok Feather bannerThis story is almost as good as I can currently make it. Even though I retyped every single word, huge portions of the text remained the same. I’m glad that made things fast, though I do worry that it’s not professional level quality yet. Only one way to find out – and that’s to send it out to fly.

I do need to do a polishing draft, check for typos, and all that first. Big thanks to all my beta readers for their reactions and suggestions. I’m glad you enjoyed the Pacific Islander steampunk world, with a liberal dose of religious based magic thrown in. It’s been fun to create.

  • Started: June 17, 2014
  • Finished: June 20, 2014
  • 3,241 words
  • 105% the size of v 2
  • 25 total beta readers

About Annaliese

Author of the fantasy short stories "Infant Insomnia" and "Curelom Riders." Also a mother of three, one of which has outgrown allergies to gluten, and dairy, though he still reacts to nuts.
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