Silent Scars v 2 is Completed!

Silent Scars Heading copyIn November 2012, I first got the idea for Riak’s story. And I did not want to write it. I spent nearly two years and over 105,000 words writing around it, and it still did not go away. Then a few months ago, I started to have bouts of depression. I thought to myself, “Well, this will give me good insight for Riak’s depression.” As I started to catalogue what I was feeling, the depression went away. The third time this happened, I thought to myself, “Ok! I’ll take the hint. I’ll write your story.” So I started, and the depression hasn’t been back since.

This version of “Silent Scars” was gut-wrenching to write. It’s about a character that goes through four months of hell, and then suffers PTSD, which includes flashbacks. Those 105,000 words included Riak having those flashbacks, but it was always from another character’s POV. This time, I was in his POV, before he’d learned coping skills. So much pain.

The ironic thing is that I wrote “Lightning Born” in order to not write “Silent Scars.” Now, I think I need to get “Lightning Born” published in order to publish “Silent Scars.” The best shot at traditional publication for “Silent Scars” will be as a companion novella, as very few magazines will take something this length. But here’s the other difficulty. The genre for “Lightning Born” is YA fantasy with mystery. “Silent Scars” is NA romance with incidental fantasy. So I wouldn’t be surprised if “Silent Scars” ends up just being self-published. But I’m going to wait until “Lightning Born” sells to do it. Then their sales can bolster each other. Besides, I still have a lot of polishing to do with both.

The stats:

  • Started September 5, 2014
  • Finished October 30, 2014
  • 21,437 words long (4.12 x the size of v 1.1)
  • 4 parts
  • 21 chapters
  • 2 POV characters (2/3 the number of v 1.1)

About Annaliese

Author of the fantasy short stories "Infant Insomnia" and "Curelom Riders." Also a mother of three, one of which has outgrown allergies to gluten, and dairy, though he still reacts to nuts.
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